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    Arhats Gi HQ

    In the past 3 days i've gone 0/48 on this synth. Never had this problem before.. Most of the time would go 1/12 or atleast 1/24 and sometimes even 2-3/12. Did SE change the cap on this synth or am I just very unlucky? According to somepage, the requirements are
    Main Skill: Clothcraft (89 - Adept)
    Sub-Skill: Smithing (21 - Initiate)
    Which should put me at tier 1.(100+3 cloth and 60 smithing)
    Anyone have any ideas on what I could be doing wrong now?

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    You're just unlucky. My friend makes them all the time, he must be like 12/100 or something. Otoh, I'm 0/60.

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    Went 4/11 in the past few weeks, just unlucky. D:

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    Your averaging out. Happens all the time after you go 3-4/12

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    I got mine when my clothcrafter friend, who was probably still on tier 0 for it at the time, was making me one to stand around Jeuno with when I hit level 63 and HQ'd it first attempt lol.

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    Lame.. Law of averages works out on this, but never on mahatma body or or cursed slacks. Now about 0/150 on errant body and 0/50~ on slacks. Hopefully soon enough i'll hq one or the other. Guess i'll try another set of gi's tonight.

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    3/172 on these

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