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    Smells like Onions
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    Question regarding ToA

    well as we all know the expansion hits shelves in just over a week, and still SE has yet to provide very much info at all on the new jobs(especially puppetmaster). so my question is when will SE post info on POL. i began playing ffxi as soon as it was released on ps2 so never had to pleasure of seeing how they unveill new jobs(i.e. the jobs released in zilart). Also when the zilart jobs were released was it as bad as everyone says this is gonna be as in 40 bluemages, corsairs and puppetmasters lfg in valkurm?

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    it won't be that bad because you have influx of 360 people. stop whining

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    run while you still can

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    Real men use their mule to PL a new job. No seeking for me.

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    Jobs were released pre-NA launch anyway, IIRC? The NA package *came* with zilart, which had the new jobs.

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    What the hell is this topic?

    Waste of a topic. Banished to Allakhazam, etc.

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    The RoZ Expansion was released in Japan before FFXI was available in English. The only people who would know about this is importers. Also keep in mind that back then the level cap was only 60 (or maybe lower?) and the game itself was very different from FFXI now.

    There's really no way to predict what will happen, if there is going to be a flooding of BLU/COR/PUP parties in the Dunes, or what.

    I'm sure several hardcore players will form statics (actually they likely already have a static) and get the new jobs to 75 in no time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janice
    Real men use their mule to PL a new job. No seeking for me.
    damn right

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    in any case the level cap was raised, so a lot of people probly worked on their main instead of leveling the new jobs, but I was not around then.

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    i remember when i was playing when this game first started, Valkurm dunes was painted with blue rats, Dragoons. Everyone was a DRG, every corner you turned was another DRG.

    Also nobody liked ninjas, everyone thought they were a joke, FFXI used to be PLD only for a loooooooong time.

    What'll happen when this expansion comes, obviously alot of people will scour the cities for the quests, and unlock and trial the new jobs. And there's absolutley nothing wrong with it. If you thought you were going to be the lone puppetmaster, think again

    I'll level whatever job is added to the Mandau, if none are, then meh, they dont interest me too much. Puppetmaster looks decent, kinda like my BST, but i'll wait it out first before getting into that job, im kinda having fun with THF now

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    When the new jobs come released I'm gonna wait a dag and take my DRG out to Valkurm and make my comment
    I'm not a BLU COR or PUP!


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    Apr 2005
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    I want to PL corsair to 50 and know absolutely nothing about it. Luck abilities? What are those?

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