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    What is wrong with my Xbox360

    Why can't I play Halo 2 online over Live from school?

    It worked on my normal Xbox just fine, but on the 360 I can't play Halo online. And its not the connection, it can't be. I ran the trouble shooting thing, 0 errors, I tested the marketplace, can download things just fine. And I can get online with the new games too, just not Halo 2. As soon as click Xbox Live on the Halo 2 menu, it pulls up the trouble shooting option and kicks me back to the dashboard.

    And, the thing that sucks the most is that Halo 2 works online on the 360 outside of my dorm, took it to a friends, works fine. Can a port really be blocked with everything else open including the ports for other xbox live games at my school, when the normal xbox goes online fine, but the 360 halo 2 won't?


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    XBOX360 SUCKS.

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    What kind of router do you have? If you're using a firewall router, disable the firewall and then try. That worked for me at a friend's house with a similar problem.

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    not in control of the firewall, its a plug in a dorm

    the other games work fine, halo 2 is just being difficult, wonder if original xbox games run on a dif port on 360 than they did on the original and the school doesn't like the new port, dunno

    hooked up a ghetto router that seems to be letting me play, but connection sucks on the pc now

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    Honestly... Seriously... Its a microsoft product, that's whats wrong with it.

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    it's ffxi's way of telling you to gtfo and come back on your pc/ps2

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    Knocking Xbox/Microsoft just makes you look like a fanboy. Try answering the question at hand rather than crying that he isn't using your favorite system/company.

    Honestly, sounds like a port problem. I've seen this before with other programs. I'm not geeky enough to know how to fix it though.

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    Same thing happened to me, somewhat. Donno why that's happening to you if you can connect to other things, but in my case it was that it wouldn't let me log in to the Halo 2 servers due to my mac address of my xbox not being registered on the server. That, or ports - my friends and I all found ways around this, before realizing that if we actually just called the tech office, they try to fix it for you and save you time. Just ask em =D

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    Lol, saw this title and it made me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilo
    Knocking Xbox/Microsoft just makes you look like a fanboy.
    its still true either way

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