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    YAY more drama for this week!!!

    everyone go check out what one of my friends just stumbled onto i hope u enjoy.


    the site was deleted and replaced w/ this about 15min ago
    just watch the view count rise lmao.

    Ninja edit: wrong adress

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    yeah, its completely full of shit, makochild, the maker of that page, aka, the ass who tried to hack and got his account stolen, now playing another one, is going off of secondhand information when he just doesnt know what the fuck

    mako used to be my friend, I even felt bad when he got his account stolen, but he doesnt have any of that anymore, he tried to hack, he got burned, now he uses the Brakapart account and doesnt know shit about shit that has to do with fantajii

    Im sorry I ever helped you mako, go rot in hell

    edit: mako took the page down, fantajii rebuilds, it was all second hand wrong info, jumping the gun and guessing is stupid, and this prooves why it shouldnt be done

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