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Somewhat OFN, but it appears to add some new info, or at least some I hadn't seen before. They apparently had an exclusive with Tanaka, but couldn't be pestered with questions about job balance and so forth, as they approached it from a more journalistic perspective.


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Good news for France and Germany: FFXI will be available in French and German translations in the near future, so all those players that use English as a second language will be able to kill monsters in their native tongues. Sacre bleu!
Merde. More auto-translator fun.

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Another step Square is taking will be to lower Chocobo rental fees. Tanaka also confirmed today that the Chocobos raised by players, although available for breeding and racing, will not be ridden in the game. Tanaka said they didn't want to upset the balance of the economy by getting rid of Chocobo stables, but the team is looking at ways to incorporate your Chocobo even deeper into the game in the future.
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We'll have video footage of our discussions with Tanaka-san and FFXI Global Online Producer Sage Sundi, both of whom were kind enough to take time away from the throngs of idolizing fans to talk Chocobo breeding, job balancing and the Xbox 360. Stay tuned.
Also had an article from someone who playtested FFXII. ... y_playtest

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