Sanction Gate Guards (think signet):

Common Items (All Ranks)
Scroll of Instant Reraise: 500 Credits
Scroll of Instant Warp: 750 Credits
Lambent Fire Cell: 100 Credits
Lambent Water Cell: 100 Credits
Lambent Earth Cell: 100 Credits
Lambent Wind Cell: 100 Credits

1000-pt. Items (Private Second Class)
Map of Mamook
Map of Halvung
Map of Arrapago Reef

2000-pt. Items (Private First Class)
Volunteer's Dart
Mercenary's Dart
Imperial Dart

4000-pt. Items (Superior Private)

100 Credits when getting Sanction cast on you will get you either a Regen, Refresh, or Increased Meal Duration bonus. These bonuses are said to increase with consecutive success in Besieged. They will reset if there's ever a failure in Besieged.

Ugrihd will sell you Imperial Currency in exchange for Imperial Standing Credits.

Imperial Bronze Piece: 20 Credits
Imperial Bronze Piece x5: 100 Credits
Imperial Silver Piece: 100 Credits
Imperial Mythril Piece: 200 Credits
Imperial Gold Piece: 1000 Credits

Sharin-Garin in the Chamber of Passage will sell you a Runic Portal Use Permit for 200 Credits. Unknown if this is one-use or lasts you forever. Probably one use. Lets you use warp to any Runic Portal you've attuned yourself to.

You need 50 Credits to purchase an Assault Armband and lead an Assault mission. Only the chosen leader need purchase one.

Anyone found any other uses for them?