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    WTF Assault:Lebros Canyon?

    could not win this.its gay as hell,any1 have luck here?
    fought 1 brittle rock,for 25min,or close to it,we were thinking using the bombs near by for self-destruct AoE dmg,but we killed them all,and they didnt seem to repop :/

    help me prz

    -Water3 13dmg

    i ran out of ideas and used that Ex item thinking it was used to help,but it just teleported me out of the bc,i think im a big n00b :/

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    Use the bomb's self-destruct to kill off the rock... I made the mistake of killing them the whole time too until I heard that strategy afterwards ;_;

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    There's so many posts in the other assualt thread on here about that should read them before begging for help.

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    page 7->9 almost all about this i could be off on numbers but every page has atleast one post on it. thus the thread about all assaults

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    It seems pretty simple. Gotta beat up the first rock with as much firepower as you can throw at it. Self-destruct from a bomb will damage it, but it wont do a significant amount.

    After you get past the first rock, kill rats for mines, and use the mines on other rocks. Mines will one shot them. Be cautious though, we got a dud it seemed. May have just been that the rock wasn't red when the bomb was planted.

    Unfortunately we didn't win, still had 2 rocks to blow up.

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    engage the rock before you use the mine and it should be good. And yeah, the first rock just melee to death, you don't need to fight any bombs the entire time you're there.

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    We won this today using MNK/NINx2 SAM/WAR BLMx2 and RDM.

    There are 5 walls. We find bomb mobs to be useless/unreliable. The first wall, all melees are hasted and BLMs use tier2 to kill it. After that we kill rats for their mines which one-shot the walls. Apparently, you can only have 1 mine in your PT at a time so after you get one, use it before defeating anymore rats.

    When you use a mine you have to be engaged to the wall and remain engaged when it goes off. It doesn't damage you.

    After you win (ie break all the walls), you will get a message saying you've completed the objective and to return to F-10 which is near where you started.

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