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    AF Storage Guy in Whitegate/Al Zahbi?

    So I set my HP in Whitegate because it just owns Jeuno and I've needed to get several sets of AF out of storage. Each and every time I had to do so I've had to warp back to jeuno via the taru in Al Zahbi just to get them . Is there an AF guy in Whitegate or Al Zahbi?

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    E. Body
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    i haven't been able to find an AF storage NPC in this area, i'm also very interested in this

    if someone finds any information, plz post here :|

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    I'd Rather Be in Zi'Tah
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    I am pretty sure I have spoken to every single NPC in both Al Zahbi and Whitegate and I have not been able to find a storage NPC. This is probably one of the biggest "issues" with the expansion so far. The others being the idiocy of the Nashmau Ferry, the difficulty of learning Blue Magic, the seemingly impossibility of a Besieged session from ever happening, and the biggest one, the fact that all CP "inside" and "outside" of nation control items not working in TAU zones.

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    Eh it's a simple slip up that SE probably overlooked.

    What I did to store my RDM AF when I finally got my lovley refreshing hat, I used the NPC who warps you to jeuno, and used the armor storage from there.

    And I dont know why you're complaining about beseiged, it's only been 4 days, they're not gonna do a beseiged right away and have everyone raped to bits. Can you imagine the slaughter?
    First they want us to explore (hence why there's no chocobos available), after that we'll explore the beastmen strongholds, and their TP moves, etc. After we learn those, maybe then we'll get beseiged.

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    SE didn't mean Jeuno(and other cities) to be totally abandoned. I do agree with the besieged... but there is something called being spoiled. They give us AH(one that uses Starter City taxes) to Jeuno, Mog Locker, a full on mog house, all guilds, instant warp to Jeuno, it being HUGE, and an unactivated chocobo stable. Losing signet, GP NPCs, armor storage, and outpost warps are the cost to pay for this town. Everyone being in one town sucks, and this has the potential of being worst than Jeuno in terms of that.

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    That SpellCast Guy
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    On Sylph last night, they actually had system messages going out to people in Whitegate saying "Aht Urgan Whitegate is overcrowded, please move to a different area." There were about 575 people in the zone, with only about 700 in the region, and 3000 online total.

    I've got my homepoint set here for now, but I'm already missing the laglessness of having it in Windurst.

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