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    Grotto NMs

    So what's the deal with these NMs now after the patch? I searched and came up with crap so if anyone wants to enlighten me. Someone told me that a stronger PH will be up and if you kill it the NM can pop any time right after but I know that isn't true so yeah, a little help?

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    I went to camp Novv a day or two ago, i hadn't really looked into them or read about it except that the pop conditions had changed.

    I just assumed, still a lagoon PH, just quicker pops now instead of like 2-6 hours or whatever. I was wrong

    So, i'm sittin there for 2 hours killing sahagins on mnk. I'm fighting a shore sahagin, and there's still about 9 minutes left til the lagoon is supposed to pop.

    Out of nowhere Novv pops and a GS vokes it while i'm fighting

    So all i can really tell you is that the lagoon is no longer a PH for novv.

    Same can be said for zuug the shoreleaper, while i was camping charby i saw him pop while the Delta PH was still alive and well.

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    I heard that instead of popping when the PH does, it can pop anytime after the PH is dead, instead of a set 16 mins or whatever.

    Zuug always had 2 PH, there are always 2 delta in that room.