Hello BlueGartr members, and people of Bahamut.

While I constantly roam around Allakhazam and Killing Ifrit's forum, this is my first post at the BlueGartr's forums. But that doesn't matter now. On to the point.

I am currently seeking to have a Sipahi Jawshan crafted for me. It requires 91 Leatherworking, with high Goldsmith and Clothcraft subs.
Karakul Leather 1
Womoura Cloth 1
Gold Chain 1
Marid Leather 2
Steel Sheet 1
Mithril Sheet 1
Silk Cloth 1)

I currently have:
Karakul Skin: 1/1
Womoura Cocoon: 5/6
Imp. Tea Leaves: 3/3
Gold Chain: 0/1
Marid Skin: 2/2
Steel Sheet: 1/1
Mithril Sheet: 1/1

Now, the Womoura cloths are in Cocoons, and the Leathers are in skins (With the tea leaves to make them into leather). So I would need the leatherworker to create the skins, and I will need a cloth crafter to create the silks, then the cloth.
I will buy the Gold Chain soon enough as well, as well as get my 6th cocoon.

I am a poor player (my pocket coming to 250K average), and so I will not be able to pay a handsome crafters fee, (And if you HQ it, keep the HQ, as long as you supply me with an NQ.)

Please post a response if you are able to, and willing to do this for me. I will gather the rest of the materials as soon as possible. I thank you in advance, and I thank the BlueGartr for the chance to post my request here.