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    Dynamis-Qufim glitch / game crash - anyone else had this?

    LS did Dynamis-Qufim at the weekend (yes COP dynamis zones aren't brilliant but everywhere else, and I mean everywhere, was taken) and I had a complete and total nightmare trying to enter the zone. I'm trying to find out if I'm going completely crazy, if it's a known game issue, or if it's my computer at fault with what was going on.

    Got the stupid cutscene and insane wall-of-lag I generally get entering zones, but then I'd load into the zone, get the === Area: Dynamis-Qufim === line, occasionally a line or two of LS chat, and the second it came up with the "Cesaria is unable to access support job abilities" message... POL crash. This happened about 10 times - with windower on, windower off, using the older version of windower from when the update broke the last one, and after a fresh reboot with absolutely none of the garbage usually on my PC running.

    It was definitely linked to the support jobs message - because the second we got subjobs back I was able to enter the zone just fine (just as I was in the middle of arranging for a friend to log me in and move me out of the zone in the morning so I could go to bed and admit defeat for the night) and carry on as normal. I've done the other 2 CoP zones just fine several times - so I'm wondering if there's some issue anyone else has had with the Qufim zone, or does my PC just really really suck?

    Didn't bother calling a GM cos I couldn't be bothered with the 4 hour wait to be told nothing of any use.

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    update your icon .dat switch pack
    the icon for sj restriciton was bugged in one pack and caused the game to crash >_>

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    Oooh that could well be it - I do have custom icons installed.


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    Quick i need the link, faranim's LJ is down and I apparently have the corrupt one.

    NVM SJ restriction removed while I was out...but I still need updated ones :/

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    1 time after I died in Qufim I lost 5 items including Forager's Mantle and some other 5M+ items. They just disappeared so I definately fcouldnt equip them, yet they were somehow counted in my inventory space. Thank god they were in my inventory again after I left Dynamis- Qufim

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