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Thread: Dynamis-Qufim 5th SJ ???     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    Dynamis-Qufim 5th SJ ???

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but going from previous posts on the topic of dynamis qufim, it appeared there were 4 SJ ??? locations only. After blowing a long time checking and double checking the 4 ???, ran around and found the ??? near the ice elemental (location indicated on red x on map below that was created by Indiana

    So that puts it up to 5 known SJ ??? spots, are there any others that people have found?

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    there have been around 8 different spots found where it can be found. The locations are found on a map somewhere in this huge thread. DIg around to find the info you want. Too lazy to do it myself. >.>

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    this is the map of the q marks i have seen and gathered off other peoples maps,

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    yeah i looked through that original thread briefly and got that map i marked on from there.

    As for the map kunami posted, the mark we found isn't marked there. The spot we found was north of the megaboss behind the ice elemental, going west from the tunnel that goes to the nightmare rocs along that north wall to the corner.

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    still think they should give you a key item so you dont waste time farming on finding ???

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