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    Benchmark - Demo whatever

    I'm presenting my computer as a project in school and I'm thinking while I'm doing my presentaion, I can have my computer running with a benchmark or some demo of some game. My computer has pretty good graphics so it should be able to run anything. Any good benchmarks/demos out there that I can show that you guys think are worth looking into?

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    Doesn't FFXI have a benchmark program?

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    FFXI Benchmark, Works great, I think this one has a lot of tarus running around on chocobos.

    Edit: Nvm, has a bunch of clips from CoP. Will be a good show for people not familiar with FFXI, which is a good thing.

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    Yeah, was thinking of games other then FFXI and one that could loop so I don't have to stop my presentation to start/stop/whatever.

    I'm wondering if Fear's bench/demo would be good....

    But if nothing else works I'll use FFXI but yeah, any other good ideas out there?

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    u should go with the old 3d bench program, 3d mark

    it has alot of nice graphics and its always something that would grab intrest
    gimme a PM if you need some ideas for that

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