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    jadagna and januwiyah, recipe caps?

    Somepage has jadagna capping at 89 but that's all I could find. And according to another post on here that's incorrect.

    Anyone try this synth? it says combination is wrong when I try to make it. Smith 89+3 here

    ::ninja edit::

    1. ok its a Fire crystal not a earth crystal
    2. its def. not level 69 synth cause I got a .1 off it at 89
    Everyplace I've looked for information on the Januwiyah has it as a big ???. I'm at 83.3 so far and if these are around 89-90ish they make a very cheap alternative to whatever other adaman/darksteel hell 83-90 would be. Adaman prices are dropping, but they haven't dropped -that- much.

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    We did some exploring last night, and one troll dropped both of the -1 versions of these.

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    did 2 synths tonight on darksday at 89+3 with my gear on and got back to back .1's

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    Made that and hit lv91. didnt get anymore skill ups after 91 tho. so i think that might be cap. to bad it wont sell.

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    Club is 91 and the shield is 96 confirmed

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