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    NPC in Garlaige

    anyone know what it is? I managed to target it past gate two while we were searching for a coffer. It's the first time anyone of the four of us that were in the group had ever heard of it and we've all been playing since NA pc release so I assume it's something new.

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    Judging by the name, I'd say it's something that's not yet meant to be implemented. Just a future ??? for some future quest that they haven't fully put in yet.

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    They're in several zones (probably all zones, just impossible to target in most).

    In Sarutabaruta, if you target yourself, then press F8 when no other targets are around, you'll frequently target one located underground and then it de-targets instantly.

    They're just another dumb thing that's likely been around ever since the first day FFXI came out and nobody has bothered to clean them up.

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    Could also be a script generator that was implemented to fix something in the zone and was placed underground to try and keep it hidden.

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    heh, show me that sometime zymurgy :3

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