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    A+ Certification

    I was wondering if anyone took the A+ Certification(Hardware and/or Software) recently. If you have how difficult was it and what were the questions like?

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    there are courses that prepare you for it. They cost a couple hundred bucks but are worth it.

    If you're tech savvy and want to skip college, Spend the $ on these courses and get certified, then beef up your resume and work your way up with experience.

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    Mostly generalized questions, shouldn't be too hard

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    A+ is like having a diploma from middle school. Its not bad to have, but it won't get you anywhere. MPC or CCNP are better. If you want to go further, you can get a CCIE, but its boring as hell. I'm on the waiting list for the test, only 6-8month left before I might get a chance to pass, lol.

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    A+ is easy pie shit, getting a job with the certification is the hard part.

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