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    Network Wiring Configuration Identification

    Kinda hard to figure out a way to word it.

    Ok, basicly, I took over a guys job who got fired and left no documentation what so ever, so I gotta figure EVERY thing out.

    What I am doing right now its trying to figure out what computers are connected to what switches, what servers are connected to what switched, what switches are connected to what switchs.

    Solution A) Come in on a weekend and unplug everything computer side, plugging in one computer, checking to see what light turns on, on the switch, unplugging the computer, and then moving to the next machine.

    Solution B) Buy an 8,000$ tool that I can plug in on the computer side of the ethernet and have it tell me how long the cable is, and what port on the switch its connected to.

    Soultion C) Find a program that I can install and have it ping shit so I can find out where it goes.. or something..

    So.. A nd B dont look very pretty, C looks nice, but I havent found anything, because im not to sure on how to word it in google >.>

    Anyone have any suggestions >.>?

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    Windows command line

    tracert <ip address>

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    You might try

    see if that works for you

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