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    quick assault question

    i've heard that with the superior private rank you get 4 assault badges.. is this true? I tried searching for it but i guess i was searching the wrong key words and i found nothing.

    I havent done any assaults since i ranked up but i still only have 3 left. How do u obtain the 4th one?

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    you can always have 4, one on your character 3 at the NPC.

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    oh neat i didnt know that :O thanks

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    How tags refresh exactly? It's confusing me.

    If one refresh, let's say in 30 minutes, but you pick another one before, you have to wait 24 hours before getting one back? Right? However, I'm sure there is time where I get more tags back than I should.

    Does that mean every tags timer is dependant, but only one at time refresh?

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    One tag refreshes every 24 hours from the time you pick up a tag that brings you from 3 tags to 2. After that the only way to change when the tag refreshes is to wait until you have 3 again.

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