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    FFXI Formula Site?

    Is there a website or Forum Post that lists all of the discovered Formulas in the game? Stuff like HP Absorbed by Stoneskin, TP Based on Delay, Damage Dealt by nukes, How StoreTP affects TP Gain, How Haste/Dual Wield effect Delay/TP Gain, etc.

    I was trying to find the formula to convert Delay to TP gain (well, actually the reverse since I want to figure out the delay on my Automatons based on their TP gain) but had no luck.

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    You should be able to find most of that information at wikipedia as Ichthyos has already linked you. I don't think it has elemental magic damage, but for that you could go here.

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    nice for enhancing magic.

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    This is the one I use, but I think I may switch now.

    Edited cause I'm an idiot.

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    Did you even try it out?

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    I stand corrected... I'm an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvrdragon
    nah, that Enhancing Calculator sucks, it makes you work for Stonesking and Phalanx Damage (Although it does actually list the formula, so not too bad to keep around). This is the one I use.
    The only differences are that yours does Barspells and has the option to bypass "Enhancing Magic Level" with "RDM Level" >_>;. The other one also finds out all 3 spells (Enspell, Phalanx, Stoneskin), while your's only finds one spell D:

    its late- fuck grammar

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