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    Deleting user profiles from POL without the password?

    Is it possible?

    I have 4 profiles loaded, of which 2 are from accounts I logged on 6 months ago once to do some random event, and have since forgotton the password to. Unfourtunately, the delete option is not available until after you enter the password, providing me with somewhat of an issue.

    I would prefer not to uninstall POL if its possible, even though Im given to understand it can be done without affecting FFXI.

    Im hoping its as easy as deleting a folder or a reg entry, but I cant seem to find one that works

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    If you don't mind reentering your own information, you can wipe all four Profiles by deleting the login_w.bin file located in
    You'll have to go through the process of adding your first account and whatnot again. Hope that's what you were asking for.

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