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    french speakers, quick translation help plz.

    babelfish sucks, the translation i get doesnt fix the way it is in the song. the phrase is "au fait" and the context is:

    When everything else is au fait,
    Without a doubt you're on my side,

    babelfish says with a fact. whats it really mean?


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    "is done."


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    Yup. That verb means "to do". It's probably the first or second verb you ever learn if you ever take a French course. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chilicheese
    "is done."

    then the lyric should be "When everything is fini"

    "au fait" in this context is "to this fact" but they probably made a mistake by putting a "au" there, maybe they just put it there so the line would sound better i dunno.

    But I think what they mean is "is done".

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