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    Albatross 18

    http://www.albatross18.com ~ awesome online golf game

    I've been playing it for a month, and I'm hooked. Anyone else here play? It's a free anime golf game, awesome graphics and fun as hell. Anyways, has anyone else here played a hawt free online game recently? (not flash or java-based, I'm talking about ones that have seperate clients to download)

    I've been playing a diablo-type online game in closed beta called Cabal Online, it's a grind fest but has a pretty cool combo system that makes it kind of addicting. I think they are in open beta now, or should be really soon. http://www.cabalonline.com

    Check em out if you want a free change of pace, Albatross is something you can play in the background if you have a nice computer... works wonders when your bored LFG or at an HNM camp or something.

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    Albatross 18 is OFN


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    Does cabal go fullscreen? If not it would be a great LFP aid.

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