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    So has anyone here actually done the Beseiged BCNMs?

    Sylph lost the Astral Candescence for the second time ever today, less than a week after the first. After seven hours or so of nobody trying to get it back (yay for NA prime time), I managed to scrounge up a group to do it, NIN/BLU/BLM/BRD/WAR/RDM. We got to the BC - everyone knows how to do that by now. That's not important.

    There are a couple important things. For one, this BC is freakin' hard. The boss, Sagelord Molaal Ja (should've killed him back in SP Assault), is an unsleepable, unsilenceable BLM who loves his ga3 magic, and Head Butt's stun doesn't seem to work on him. He has a unique WS, Groundburst, which deals something like 500-900 damage and is fairly fast (not sure what it does to shadows, I think it eats them and does damage). He's also got a buttload of HP and two buddies, a NIN and a THF, who are very difficult to sleep. They all 2hour as appropriate, don't regen HP even for totally different BCs, etc.

    Through zombie tactics and farming items again after a timeout (even the ones behind the mahogany door can drop bells), we got him dead. We timed out again, but farmed some more items, confident that we could handle his two cronies. We zoned back in.

    The motherfucker had come back to life!

    With 33% HP, but come back to life nonetheless. We timed out with the final one, the NIN, at 70%, after a lot more zombie-ing. We called it a night, since presumably we'll wake up tomorrow and see that the JPs have taken care of it for us. I'll bet that the THF will have come back to life too, though.

    We're also worried that they might in fact regen, just very slowly - when we got there, they were all full on HP, but I know that at least one group tried to reach the area before we did. It seems unlikely that they didn't even reach the BC at all and thus didn't dent their HP, but given how much this server sucks ass it wouldn't surprise me.

    Goddammit, I really wanted that title.

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    Goddammit, I really wanted that title.
    sorry but im too lazt to look on Zam, but what is the title exactly?

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    Fake Numbers
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    Apr 2006
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    Subduer of the Mamool Ja.

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    meh. We did this BC in 2 rounds.

    With the right setup I'm sure it can be done the first.


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    SE probably anticipated dozens of groups heading into the beastmen strongholds to rescue their precious 15% xp, but apparently its too far/too much work for most people. The way the NMs regenerate is probably so more than 1 group got a shot at it and you couldnt win by just throwing a few groups in a row at it. I'm sure more people will have to do this after the next besieged patch..

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