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    The Wyrmking Descends / Ouryu Cometh Time Records

    what is your server's best time record?

    on Odin

    wyrmking descends: 27min 54sec by a JPN shell, Seven Senses i think.

    ouryu cometh: 25min 30sec

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    27mins for Wyrmking...holy shit, how is that even possible. To do that much damage in a short period of time, and still have your tanks hold hate, is pretty impressive. I'd love to know what kinda of setup they used.

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    27? its possible
    my LS got 29 on our 3rd kill
    that BC is a joke
    if u go fast paced u can get it done in 20min but everyone gotta be set
    the JP LS probably used meds and shit to get MP back cause we usually rest a bit before each wyrm

    as for Ouryu with decked out BLM u can manaburn it at 20min lol

    found a screenshot of one of our baha not our best one but it can be done fast heres proof
    and this was back in the day.. our BLMs have Novios and AF2 hats now should be a lot easier we havnt tried it cause no one wants drops o.o

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    not sure how they did it,

    im guessing they brought the minimum of the necessities,

    1 tank
    1-2 rdm/drk
    1-2 healers

    the rest blm? probably used hella meds too.

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    its the same setup i posted i am sure or similar when we were one of the first to beat this BC

    their time is only 3 min off by the one in the SS and we have gotten closer to theirs

    and keep inmind that strat on top includes a THF in the alliance i am sure if u swap the THF for another BLM u can even beat their time o.o

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