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    How to avoid accidently speed hacking.

    This is kind of a long post and might be related to recent banning.. I don't know. I use windower and none of my accounts were banned.

    A few months ago I upgraded to a computer with windows XP and started playing FFXI again because of the expansion.

    I noticed on many occasions that I would move slightly slower than other people... so I set out to investigate the cause. My final determination was that my clock was slow.. every day my clock falls seconds behind.

    Windows 2000 had a full fledged NTP client in it... you could type.. net time / and then set windows time service to automatic. This would sync your time with a ntp server of your choice and disipline your clock by speeding it up and slowing it down until it kept (mostly) correct time.

    Trying to do this under windows XP was a disaster and if you play FFXI don't do it! Windows XP apparently lost its ability to disiplin the clock on its own (if someone knows a workaround for this.. I would love to know). Windows XP by default will synch your clock every 2 weeks which will mean a huge time adjustment at once.. by setting windows time service to automatic this will happen a few times a day.

    Since my clock on my computer was running too slow... this means a few times during the day my clock would be adjusted forward a few seconds and I would randomly start flee hacking at an insane rate. Everytime this happened I terminated FFXI instantly by clicking on the X button.. eventually I disabled windows time service compleatly. I'm lucky this was months ago and not recent or I may of be banned in the recent mass banning :/

    The real solution was to download a REAL ntp client from and install it. Its best to do the initial setup before you go to bed. When it first starts running it will analyze your clock and synch with a time server for about 30 min before it makes a large adjustment to your clock by default. I wouldn't want to be playing FFXI when it does that.

    After a few hours of running it will build a drift file to determine how slow or fast your system clock is and instead of adjusting what time it is.. speed or slow down your clock until it running the correct speed all by itself.

    I've been using this for a few months and I haven't had a single problem. It is nice having my in game clock showing the same time as my system clock and it has never caused ffxi to freak out and speed hack on its own.

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    E. Body
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    nice find, thanks

    my bios battery is either damaged or dying, because my system clock/windows clock runs slightly faster than real time, it doesn't affect my FFXI movement speed or anything but it definitely fucks up my game time and shit

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    Smells like Onions
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    It has safety precautions in there to abort massive time updates.. I use this on all my computers (FFXI and other) and sync my clock every 10 minutes.. it's over kill.. but it's not exactly a resource hog. Has worked for a good time for me.

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    Weird, Ive never had a problem like this and Ive been using Xp for all 3 years of playing FFXI... but I know someone who does have this problem.

    Its not connected to CPU speed or anything? I guess I just dont understand why it happens to some people but not others.

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    Just try changing your clock a few time while playing, and watch the magic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minions
    Just try changing your clock a few time while playing, and watch the magic.
    Thats why windows XP "Internet Time" sucks soo hard.. thats exactly what it does. Furthermore that is dangerious and bad in a server environment.. time doesn't go backwards and that can seriously mess up lots of programs.

    Real NTP clients like the one I linked will only slow down or speed up your clock in tiny amounts.. like 0.5ms a second. Though to be honest.. I have no idea how it is ported to win32.. I'm kind of new to that world. for more information written by people who know English better than me

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