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    Ballista Maniacs

    Uhh, a topic wo any update relationship.

    Please help, because im working on the most completed FFXI title compendium at ffxiclopedia. Want to close the final gaps.

    1st. Does anyone know the NA or JP Ballista royale tournament winners?
    Asura has a small lag on those.

    I want to know if u can get the Balli**** Royale title at the Sandorian
    tilte changer for 700 gils or if the B. Royale titles cant be seen in the normal game? Someone posted me maybe a lie, that the title "Matchmaker" is a ballista royale title too and could be obtained by winning the 1st rounds and this title is like the Balli**** Royale one, not related to any Title changer .dats but maybe its serversided, so i can't proof anything without a winner.

    And Gratz for winning the royale title.

    2nd Is there a complete (!) list of items out, you can get with Conquest points at the Marshal and /quarry items. I couldn't find anything, besides an old JP pdf Ballista document and not easy to understand.

    Ballista seems not very loved by our community, inclusive me because i dont have the time to do those matches. But i need some infos, becasue of the title Banneret: Spending 100000 accumulated (!) Ballista points, so i have heard.

    2000 Ballista points max, u can hold = 50 times spending something on which items??

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    Some of the Ballista winners from Siren frequent these forums, (though not under their real names most of the time :wink: ) Maybe they can help you out, otherwise your questions are pretty obscure.

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