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Thread: This is bizarre.     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    This is bizarre.

    About an hour ago, Al Zahbi was shut down for a few minutes for some "maintenance". I was off having fun in Caedarva Mire, but just now, I wanted to head back to I approached the Warp Taru. Upon casting, the game froze and PlayOnline crashed. I shrugged it off, and logged in again...same exact thing. Once more, a third time.

    I then logged onto the game without Windower...and it worked fine. I brought it up with Windower again, another crash.

    Can anyone else confirm this behavior, or is my computer just retarded and we need to lock this thread?
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    /points to the other thread.

    Windower breaks every update, it shouldn't surprise people anymore. Did you think Windower was unbreakable or something?
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