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    Warp Tarus

    Ok, so what the hell is this? I just went to the Aht Urghan Whitegate taru, and he literally said I smelt like shit, and that I do back-ally parlor tricks (I'm a slut?) He won't D2 me, despite whatever I do. Something I'm doing wrong or what? I guess it's once a day now, which is fucking retarded. SE made another crappy move by making him once a day, since Midgardsormr's Shihu-Danhu is 50% of the time gone. I had like 2 party invites, but they replaced me because I couldn't get to jeuno, and one got destroyed because of Al-Zahbi emergency maintanence.

    Who else is gonna set their HP in Jeuno?!

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    Edit: Nevermind - wrong warp Taru.

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    I think he gets pissed off if you use his brother to warp instead of him, not sure if it was the other way around though and I'm too lazy to check the other warp taru thread.

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    I think he is just pissed that you have been using his brother.

    If you read it right, he says that his magic has been reduced to back-ally parlor tricks. Not that you are performing back-ally parlor tricks....

    Either way, I also got this message, and I have not use the whitegate warp taru EVER. So this message is not from overuse.

    I am however wondering when I will stop stinking...

    BTW, this is also being discussed in this BG thread, so a new one was not really needed.

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    I'm pretty sure the patch update stated it could only be used once a day?

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    Didn't the patch update say you could only use him once a day if the Astral Candescence was missing? Better go save it!

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    Yah, it was the free warp taru that was once a day, when the astral candy was missing.

    Honestly, I just want to know how to get the silver piece guy to work now... (/em keeps fingers crossed that it will when I can home from work)

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