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    Aug. 2, 2006 (JST) Update Details

    The continuation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan storyline has been added.

    The following Besieged-related issues have been modified:

    - Status effects that slowly decrease player HP will now be automatically removed after Besieged.
    - After retreating, the beastman forces will now remain at half strength.
    - The number of monsters that invade Al Zahbi during Besieged has been changed.
    - The conditions for causing a beastman retreat have been changed.

    The locations of certain Archaic Mirrors and their guardians in Arrapago Reef have been changed.

    A synthesis recipe for creating Imperial silk cloth has been added.

    The item Imperial ring has been changed to Trooper's Ring.

    [Corrected Issues]
    The message for the location of the Rune of Release in the Leujaoam Sanctum Assault missions "Shanarha Grass Conservation" and "Counting Sheep" will now be correctly announced.

    During the Assault mission “Counting Sheep,” an issue concerning incorrect messages being displayed has been fixed. Also, the target name “Harvesting Point” will now be spelled correctly.

    The incorrect message “The availability of your Mog Locker has been expanded to other areas…” will no longer be displayed after restricting Mog Locker access to Al Zahbi only.

    An issue during Besieged where the attack power of friendly NPCs would be greatly reduced under certain circumstances has been addressed.

    An issue where the monster "Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha" could not be damaged under certain circumstances has been fixed.
    *A fix was introduced in the Jul. 26 version update, but the issue still occurred under certain conditions.

    An issue with the "Ghrah" type monster's animation has been fixed.

    An issue where the Tonberry "Golden-Tongued Culberry" could instantly finish casting its spells has been addressed.

    The samurai merit point ability "Overwhelm" will now function correctly.

    An issue concerning the message displayed when performing a ranged attack after using the job abilities “Sange” or “Barrage” has been addressed.

    An issue where a bard song may not take effect under certain circumstances when a character’s main job is set to bard and support job set to corsair has been addressed.

    The effect of the automaton attachments Attuner and Target Marker on ranged attacks will now function correctly.

    Incorrect help text displayed in the automaton equipment screen has been fixed.

    Players who have entered their Mog House from Al Zahbi will no longer be KO'd by monster attacks during Besieged.

    The “???” found where the Morion Worm appears in the Korroloka Tunnel and the “Luminant” markers in the Attohwa Chasm can now be properly targeted again.

    Incorrect help text regarding the Bard's "Troubadour" job ability has been fixed.

    [PlayStation 2]
    An issue where the game would freeze when using the software keyboard has been addressed.

    [Xbox 360]
    An issue with the "achievements" function, where players could unlock the "Synthesis skill 100" category without actually fulfilling the requirement, has been addressed. ... etail.html
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