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    911 Call

    Wow... what the fuck.

    This is old but wow, I can't believe this lady has kids.


    And fuck Ebaumsworld, its the only link I could find.

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    ebaums = instant fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurin
    ebaums = instant fail.
    Sadly...I agree. I'm going to my room.

    This video was shot shortly after the call ended.

    http://www.onlyfights.com/./data/media/ ... _fight.wmv

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    You wouldn't know that though because you've demonstrably never picked up a book nor educated yourself on the matter. Let me guess, overweight housewife?
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    lol that operator deserves a reward. "You need to start acting like an adult" I can only imagine how many of those calls they get per day.

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    Could you imagine a family walking in that BK and then turning around and leaving?

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    Why is that lady in the background screaming like crazy. Whats the point? I would throw the chair at her.

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    Western burger is Carls Jr, not Burger King!

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    im not sending the cops over a cheeseburger, rofl.

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    The 911 operator is an idiot for staying on the phone for so long, other people were calling that needed real help, she should have said I'm hanging up and if you call back, I will send the police, to arrest you.

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