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    SE comments on choco racing comments

    yeah, yeah, I know most of you have signed off on our little site, but wanted to post some news about choco racing (for those that care) that one the devs posted ... acing.html
    Hello Dreams in Vana'diel members! This is Snakeeye. I’m in charge of development for both Chocobo Raising and Chocobo Racing. Thank you for all the many opinions and suggestions you submitted!

    I’m really happy that we received so many contributions these last two weeks.

    Between my other development tasks, I’ve been looking at all the unique and interesting ideas being debated in North America, Europe, and Japan.

    I want to keep reading your conversations and debates, but then I’d never be able to get started on development.

    At this point, I feel like most of the issues have been discussed to some extent. Now, in order to encourage more in-depth ideas and discussion, I’d like to talk about Chocobo Racing in two separate sections:

    (1) An outline of plans discussed within the development team based on your opinions and requests

    (2) Impressions of your opinions and answers to your questions

    We’ve gathered your opinions and requests and we’ve discussed them internally.

    Some of the ideas were close to the direction we envisioned, and we would like to incorporate those ideas as much as we can. While reading the following examples, please keep in mind that that this is just part of the direction we’re starting to head at this point, that the names and functions are temporary, and that these may not be released all at once depending on when they are added to Chocobo Racing. We’ve received so many great suggestions, but we won’t be able to include everything.

    Here is a general outline of Chocobo Racing:

    - Since players use different connection speeds, racing will be controlled automatically to keep things fair.

    - By selecting riders (NPCs) with their own sets of tactics, players can devise plans that best suit their chocobo's abilities.

    - Your chocobo’s attributes will have an influence on the race.

    - Not only does a player select a rider, they can also use items or provide equipment for a chocobo before the race to increase the chocobo’s abilities.

    - There will be two different kinds of races: “public races” which will be implemented with a ranking system, and “private races” which can be enjoyed individually or as a party.

    - There might be special races you can participate in when you collect enough points. (Perhaps called “Choco Points”?) However, we haven’t finalized these details yet.

    - There may also be special crown races featuring famous NPCs. (Perhaps with the likes of Prince Trion or Dr. Shantotto!)

    In order to prevent cheating, we have decided not to allow any timing-related controls during the race. This is a requirement, so unfortunately we can’t incorporate this no matter how exciting it might be.

    Therefore, it’s important to prepare the for chocobo race before the race starts.

    Also, regarding congestion issues, it’s possible we can expect some benefits from “private races.” Much like Assault, there will be numerous entrances, and if only participants are allowed to enter, we can have not only private races, but also small events.

    Next are some of our impressions of your opinions and answers to your questions.

    Between the different regions, some of the issues were the same and some were different, so it would be difficult to list them all here. Therefore, we’ve sorted them into major categories in order to answer as much as possible.

    I’m also planning to answer questions not listed here in the near future, so please be patient until then.

    How and Where Chocobo Racing Takes Place

    Q: Please make Chocobo Racing available not only to high-level players but also low-level players.
    A: We’ll make chocobo races available to every player no matter what their level.

    Q: Does it take place at certain times like Ballista? Can we have a chocobo race anytime we want?
    A: It’ll depend on the rules of the race; however we are currently planning to make Chocobo Racing enjoyable both ways.

    Q: How many players and chocobos are able to participate in a race?
    A: For display and performance reasons, we probably won’t be able to put too many players and chocobos in each race. In real-life horse races, we see 16 horses run in the same race, but I think it will be less than that.

    Q: It might be interesting if the race continues after a player has registered their chocobo even if the player logs out.
    A: I think it’s a good idea, but it might be difficult to implement.

    Q: I don’t want Chocobo Racing to be like Besieged. It’s difficult to participate sometimes because of congestion. It might be great if we have to buy entry rights or establish some type of requirements so no one will be able to enter chocobo races with the same chocobo over and over.
    A: We will continue to investigate congestion issues and ways to prevent them. We might implement minor limitations as a countermeasure. As I mentioned in the outline section, we might be able to create a system which can ease congestion. We’ll think about this a little more within the development team.

    Q: Where is the chocobo circuit located? Is the “Treasures of Aht Urhgan” expansion pack required?
    A: Where is the Chocobo Circuit located in Vana’diel? NPCs here and there will tell you where the circuits are once Chocobo Racing is introduced. Realistically though, some dedicated racing circuits will be used, so you will need to install and register the “Treasures of Aht Urhgan” expansion.

    About Chocobo Racing

    Q: Since chocobos are not controllable by players during a race, is it possible to have simple commands to, for instance, accelerate our own chocobo during a race?
    A: We understand the desire for player-controlled chocobos during a race. However, due to differences in network speed, use of third-party tools and other network issues which would spoil the fun of a race, it would be difficult for players to have control of their chocobo during a race.

    Q: How about allowing card battle-styled chocobo controls during a race?
    A: Although card battle is very different from the game’s mechanics, it may be a good idea. We might able to use this idea for the time when players prepare before the race.

    Q: I really want team battles!
    A: This idea is pretty interesting. We’ll look into it.

    Q: Make sure that players with slower network connections aren’t at a disadvantage.
    A: Yes, that’s our plan.

    Q: How about races restricted only to veterans or chocobos under a certain age (for 1-year-olds, etc)?
    A: Unfortunately, there is a strong possibility we won’t provide information to players such as their chocobo’s age. However, we’ll try hard to allow you to save your chocobo’s racing history.

    Q: It will make races more exciting if there are factors such as disqualification, etc.
    A: I see. This may cause players stress if it just ties them down, so realistically it may be difficult, but we will think about it.

    Q: What do you think of survival races where monsters chase chocobos to the goal?
    A: This may be possible as one of the rule sets. I’ll take note of it.

    Q: I hope there will be various types of courses and races.
    A: We may be able to add this in the future. However, I’d like to prepare the basic rules to “race a certain distance” first, then add variations later over time.

    About Chocobo Stats

    Q: Will different chocobo breeds have their own specific abilities?
    A: I would like to be able to express abilities depending on breed to some degree.

    Q: I would like stats such as health condition, weight, fatigue, etc. for my chocobo.
    A: It may be good to reflect these elements when a chocobo has been racing without rest.

    Q: I want chocobo longevity, succession, genealogy, etc.
    A: Don’t worry! We have implemented similar elements into Chocobo Raising. However, please understand it will not be as detailed as an entire game based on raising a chocobo.

    Q: How about having chocobos learn abilities such as “Focus” or “Self control” which can be set freely?

    A: Similar to a Blue Mage setting spells, right? It’s natural for a chocobo to learn abilities, but I think being able to freely set abilities on a chocobo treats them too much like an item. However, abilities that affect a race are a great idea and we would love to give that a try.

    Well, it seems this message has become much longer than we originally intended!

    I hope that you can give us your opinions on the current state of affairs after reading the material mentioned above. We continue to look forward to hearing from all of you!
    not as meaty as bercus' interview, but...
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    nm, my fuck up. lock then if you will.
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