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    X-box 360 controllers

    Sorry for the n00bness of this request, but does anyone use an X-box 360 controller for the PC version of FFXI? I recently purchased one only to find that the supplied driver treats the lower hair triggers only as "Z-axis" controllers and FFXI doesn't pick them up. If anyone has discovered a way to use the hair triggers in game, could you please enlighten me? Perhaps another driver or something else? Sorry for the inconvenience and ..... post count.

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    maybe this? ... r-windows/

    the author reviewed the controller and was annoyed at the same thing, but then posted a "nevermind, see this post" pointing to the above.

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    Actually, install the XBCD controller driver for it. It works wonders.

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    Yeah the xbcd drivers are the way to go. Turns the triggers into normal buttons that you can just program.

    Another useful program (there may be a free program that does the same somewhere) is Pinnacle Profiler from

    I use this software to program extra buttons into alternative key combinations (typically i map the back, start, and right triggers to trigger macros like alt+1, alt+0, etc)

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