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    POL Errors

    I don't know what's wrong... It's happened before in SSG at Charybdis; I log on, move around a little, then I get a POL Error and FFXI crashes. It eventually just stopped crashing, I don't know how though.

    Now I'm at Byakko, I log on and crash. I've tried logging on a good 15 times. I'm going to miss Haidate, this is very frustrating .

    It can't be a .DAT error, the only .DAT swap I have is Faranim's Icons, which I've had for months.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Edit: Now my computer is freezing when I log on...

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    You'll probably have to reinstall

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    ffxi completely stopped working for my one comp after trying to get a newer version of ffassist. Always got a pol encountereed an error and needs to close.

    Then my comp started freezing. So kinda close to being in your boat. Tried everything but reinstalling FF completely (did pol and file checks) but since im getting a new OS i'm not gonna reinstall yet.

    My solution: bought ffxi for my 360. But my sound turns off for whatever reason and i dont know why. I think its overheating but its pretty lame for microsoft to pretty much force me to buy that stupid intercooler.

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    Most times you have a freezing error or something crashes on a graphics mode swap, it's caused by overheating. Ventilate the case, make sure it's dust free (use spray air, DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner) and especially make sure the heatsinks are clear of dust.

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