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Thread: Birdman Cape anyone know?     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    Birdman Cape anyone know?

    Hello all, I know alot of Brds in my Linkshell and around my server have been wondering and trying to figure out How this Cape is dropped. Rumor has it; that this drops from a Ghost NM in Caederva Mire. But nothing has been found on how to pop it.

    I'm guessing its going to be a big mystery just like the Parade Gorget. lol

    Has anyone else found any other information? After seeing some of the Parade Gorget forum, I'm thinking we'd need to conjure a recipe to pop it. Also i haven't figured out which ??? in caederva mire it is. lol.

    Lets investigate.

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    That's a very hot cape.

    Rumor has it the ghost NM's ??? pop on Dark weather at the Cemetary in the Mire. All I know.

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    Another rumor has it that it drops off of Ravin Raven, a Qutrub NM near Dvucca Isle Staging Point.

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    I was trying to find out where it is so I could monopolise it, I was pretty sure it drops of Ravin Raven because it says on Mystery Tour, I went around all of Cadaerva Mire looking at where the Ravens spawned assuming they were PH but if it's a ghost

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    I believe the suggestion that it might be a ghost (nobody has confirmed it one way or the other) is because Ghost NMs often have a name that uses alliteration of the method of death and a personal name - Asphixiated Amsel, Burned Bergman etc.

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    Sooo the Ghost NM that drops the cape is called Ravin Raven? And its located near Dvucca Isle Staging Point. I thought it was the Cemetary Area?

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    Raven Riley drops it.

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    Hmmmm. Looks like i have some camping to do. This cape is nice. If he really drops it.

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    Where is Raven Riley located? I see a Ravin Raven on Mystery Tour, but no raven riley. Where does it pop? Is it dark weather condition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chibbs
    Where is Raven Riley located? I see a Ravin Raven on Mystery Tour, but no raven riley. Where does it pop? Is it dark weather condition?

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    Google Raven Riley. =)

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    Very NIce! i'd like to Claim her! lol

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    You can claim her vids on Limewire lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dank
    Google Raven Riley. =)
    Thanks! Nice to have something pleasant to stare at instead of nasty work with my first cup of coffee.

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    Kate's Playground is pretty great too. Can you tell I'm married yet?

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    um... i remember an old site i used to use back in highschool, use to get a proxy page, and go check that stuff out, lol

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    It didn't take long for this thread to get derailed.

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    yeah ; ;

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