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    More job adjustment details (10/2/06)

    Figured it deserved its own topic:

    Adjustments to Ranged Attacks
    As a result of adjustments to make ranged attack damage differ according to the distance from the target, jobs that specialize in ranged attacks have suffered a decrease in performance. In the next version update, we plan to reassess the adjustments made to accuracy and attack power according to distance from target.

    [The Distance Calculation and Added Effects]
    Ranged attack damage and accuracy are currently adjusted by a calculation based on the distance of the player from the enemy target. However, we plan to decrease the values for ranged accuracy and ranged attacks used in this calculation. This will ensure that the calculation will no longer largely eliminate the enhancements given by meals and equipment. Instead, the effects will be added directly to the player's attributes.

    For example, if a player eats sushi, he will be able to largely compensate for the accuracy adjustment, and if a player eats meat, he will be able to compensate for the damage adjustment.

    [Changes to Distance Adjustments]
    We plan to slightly widen the range in which players can deal out maximum damage using bows, crossbows, and other distance weapons, as well as ease the decrease in accuracy and attack power that comes the farther the player is from the target.

    Job Adjustment: Dark Knight
    Timing will soon be more important when using the Absorb-TP spell, which was added in the July version update.

    [TP Absorption Amount Adjustment]
    Currently, the amount of TP an enemy possesses has little effect on the amount absorbed by the Absorb-TP spell. We plan to decrease the amount of TP absorbable from enemies with few remaining TP so that players will have to consider the timing of the spell.

    Job Adjustments: Dragoon
    Dragoons will receive adjustments to jump abilities and will be able to copy the Stoneskin effect to their wyverns.

    [Job Ability: Spirit Surge]
    The recast time for the Jump, High Jump, and Super Jump job abilities will be reset when using Spirit Surge.

    [Job Ability: Super Jump]
    The recast time for Super Jump will change from 5 minutes to just 3 minutes. In accordance, the merit point Group 1 category "Super Jump Recast" will allow players to shorten recast time by 6 seconds instead of 10.

    [Job Trait: Empathy]
    Players who have acquired the Empathy job trait will be able to copy the Stoneskin effect to their wyvern when using the job ability Spirit Link.

    In addition to the above adjustments, the next version update will also feature changes to the summoner job. Keep checking the main page for details in the next few days!
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    Yay nerf drk. Awesome. faskjdhflkgdfkjdasfdgsdf
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    already a topic
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