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Thread: stupid Imps     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    stupid Imps

    is breaking an Imps horn all luck?

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    Answered multiple times in this thread :

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    thanks seems leaving off the s on imps failed on the searching bit before

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    Well.. searching seems to be broken on any thread before the move.

    I tried searching for that thread where the person proved there wasn't a 50% haste cap..

    Couldn't find it or anything pointing to it.

    I found it searching on Google.. cut and paste the address in my browser and changed to in the url.. hit enter.. and it was there.

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    theres a quest that you can do that pops an imp that spams that ws to learn the blu spell (assuming thats what you need). have the person that popped it fake d/c or something so that if you didnt learn the spell you can try again

    if you are too lazy try smite of rage or mandibular bite while its doing one of its moves when it takes it's horn out

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