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    Is there any specific reason as to why SE has Busy signals?

    I'm trying to call to get something figured out with my old account, but there line is busy..Is this just me? or is anyone else experiencing something similar when calling?

    Oh and maybe you guys can answer, If my previous account was banned, can i use the same Credit Card on a new account without it being banned?

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    Melee Summoner
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    Apr 2006
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    Are you seriously going to call SE and ask that?

    Can you record that conversation for us?

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    well i'm not gonna be a idiot about it, if i call them i'm just getting the old credit card i used and not gonna use it, but i was asking if anyone on here can save me the time and just tell me if i can use the same credit card without being caught. The reason this is such a issue is because the account was closed too long ago for me to remember which card was used.

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    Is there any specific reason as to why SE has Busy signals?
    So many angry customers keeping them busy?

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    Registration server maintainance just ended and everyone got deactivated at once whose credit card was declined.

    It's probably just an influx of people calling in to complain because they forgot to update their expiring credit card.

    (note, I am not condoning their utterly rediculous billing system)

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    Sea Torques
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    ya i had a billing problem, tried to call over the last hour and its busy

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    Dont save old credit card statements or have access to your statements online? Seems quicker.

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    You can use same credit card if you were banned with it on another account

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    yeah, SE is really gay about billing. seems like they are understaffed, and the staff that is employed are total dipshits lol oh well.

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    I know from someone I used to corerspond with who got banned, that when you get banned they ban your credit card- His brother had a seperate account on the same credit card and it was banned too even though this other person did nothing wrong.

    It might just be they ban all accounts that were on it at the time, but I find it unlikely you'll be able to use the same credit/bank account.

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    they ban the CD-key of the video games, not the billing accounts that are connected. How else would they make money off people who have to re-purchase the game and don't have multiple cards.

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    so why did the second guy who didnt break any rules get banned then?

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    Working with their customer service reps...

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    Salvage Bans
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    Call up CC company, report card as missing, get a new account number. Problem solved.

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    Tuesday me and my friend got both banned after the "action taken against third party programs user".

    I got a temp ban cause was my first ban/warning ever but my friend got perma banned.

    Notice: I paid his september fee with my credit card and then he changed it back with his own.

    Saturday at midnight JST I was waiting the end of my temp ban and instead of find it ended, I got a perma ban.

    Could it be related on the credit card thing?


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