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    Router problems

    Hi, I just recently bought a new router, every few hours it like resets itself which causes me to disconnect = not cool. Im also having problems connecting my moms Mac laptop, it can find the connect, and it says "connected" but it still will not let her browse internet and etc, the router is a d-link, thanks!

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    wired or wireless?

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    its both

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    If it's both then its wireless.

    -Make sure your PC is close enough to the router
    -Try resetting it and your modem aswell (do this by unplugging and plugging back in, wait about 20 sec when you do this)
    -Your mom might have to unlock some ports to get access.

    I havent messed around too much with wireless stuff yet so I know too too much about them.

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    Mine used to do that too... Exactly every 4 hours it would give me a 1 second disconnect, causing me to get booted off FFXI. The cause of mine was a shitty Apple "Airport". My new Linksys something something works, though.

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    Make sure it's a direct connection not routed through a surge protector.

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    update firmware, no go = take that shit back.

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    What brand? I had a problem with my belkin wireless router but adjusted some mac cloning bullshit or something, and it's worked perfectly ever since.

    Whoops, didn't notice the d-link part at the end. Anyways, maybe check the MAC settings on the router. I don't know much about networking really, all I know is it fixed my problem.

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    Check the settings for any stupid "super G mode" shit and disable it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zigma
    update firmware, no go = take that shit back.
    This is the correct answer.

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