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    Is there any reason not to sell all your loot? I'm just wondering if you want to sell it all in a certian city or anything, or if you want to sell certian things, the bazarr thing confuses me

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    it's a good idea to keep at least one of everything until you know that it's easy to get more of it. stuff like stones and magicite and whatnot, those you can get dozens of no problem.

    stuff like serpetineskin from nidhogg or electrum, i'd keep it even though it's expensive til you know you can get more.

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    ive been selling all drops I get, but saving any Loot items i get that arnt from normal mobs just till I know if its needed for a side quest or w/e.

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    whole bazzar list just put up yesterday! woo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurstone
    whole bazzar list just put up yesterday! woo

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    Direct link to all FAQs, including the bazaar FAQ: Link

    Or, copy and paste the following into the address bar:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyiee
    Quote Originally Posted by Kurstone
    whole bazzar list just put up yesterday! woo
    lol the guides are useful, even though the forum posters are mental patients.

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    Sorry for the bump, this guide has been removed for some reason. Does anyone have a saved copy, or know of another Bazaar guide?

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    Someone put a new guide in a post on Gamefaqs.

    Here's the link:

    http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmes ... c=31753368

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    Quote Originally Posted by divisortheory
    Sorry for the bump, this guide has been removed for some reason. Does anyone have a saved copy, or know of another Bazaar guide?
    im pissed about that -.-

    I was about to look up what "iron edged sword" (or something like that) and "THIS FAQ HAS BEEN REMOVED LOLZ"...bastards.

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    yea -.- This new guide that the guy 3 posts up mentioned is ok, but it doesn't tell you the name of the item as it will show up in the bazaar list. Just the activating condition, and the real item name (which is different from the item name that appears in the Bazaar list).

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    Posted for people:


    ***One-Hand Sword***
    Iron Sword = Earth Stone(3) + Iron Scraps(3) + Foul Flesh(2)
    Blood Sword = Dark Stone(5) + Solid Stone(2) + Glass Jewel(2)
    Flametongue = Fire Stone(6) + Lumber(2) + Malboro Vine(2)
    Diamond Sword = Fire Magicite(7) + Maggoty Flesh(4) + Bundle of Feathers(6)
    Deathbringer = Dark Crystal(10) + Solid Horn(4) + Demon Tail(5)
    Stone Blade = Taurus Gem(3) + Orichalcum(2) + Chimera Head(2)
    Durandal = Leshach Halcyon(1) + Emperor Scale(2) + Lifewick(3)

    ***Two-Hand Sword***
    Save The Queen = Holy Crystal(10) + Sky Jewel(7) + Quality Stone(4)
    Ultima Blade = Gnoma Halcyon(1) + Adamentite(2) + Death Powder(2)
    Tournesol = Serpentarius(3) + Empyreal Soul(3) + Gem Steel(3)
    Wyrmhero Blade = Godslayer's Badge(1) + Lu Shang's Badge(1) + Omega Badge(1)

    Ame-no-Murakumo = Water Crystal(9) + Iron Ore(5) + Screamroot(7)
    Masamune = Mallet(2) + Orichalcum(3) + Gem Steel(2)

    ***Ninja Sword***
    Kagenui = Dark Magicite(5) + Giant Feather(5) + Festering Flesh(4)
    Orochi = Cancer Gem(3) + Sickle-Blade(2) + Coeurl Whisker(2)

    Javelin = Wind Stone(3) + Horn(2) + Foul Flesh(2)
    Trident = Wind Magicite(6) + Pointed Horn(4) + Maggoty Flesh(5)
    Gungnir = Mystletainn(2) + Kuto Board(2) + Broken Spear (2)

    Cypress Pole = Earth Stone(4) + Bone Fragment(5) + Succulent Fruit(3)
    Iron Pole = Fire Magicite(7) + Sturdy Bone(5) + Demon Eyeball(3)
    Ivory Pole = Wind Crystal(7) + Blood-darkened Bone(8) + Demon Feather(6)
    Whale Whisker = Aquarius Gem(4) + Corpse Fly(3) + Mythril(3)

    Parallel Arrow/Short Bow = Dark Stone(2) + Bat Fang(1) + Rat Pelts(2)
    Firey Arrow/Long Bow = Fire Stone(4) + Crooked Fang(2)
    Bamboo Arrow/Loxley Bow = Water Magicite(3) + Yellow Liquid(1) + Bat Fang(5)
    Perseus Bow/Lightning Arrow = Ice Crystal(7) + Spiral Incisor(4) + Antarctic Wind(2)
    Artemis Arrow = Gemini Gem(3) + Vampyr Fang(2) + Dorsal Fin(2)
    Artemis Bow = Sylphi Halcyon(1) + Great Serpent’s Fang(2) + Moondust(2)
    Sagittarius = Sagittarius Gem(4) + Beastlord Horn(3) + Moon Ring(3)

    Long Bolt/Crossbow = Ice Stone(1) + Crooked Fang(4) + Yellow Liquid(2)
    Recurve Crossbow/Stone Bolt = Ice Magicite(5) + Festering Flesh(2) + Bundle of Needles(1)
    Hunting Crossbow/Black Bolt = Dark Crystal(3) + Spiral Incisor(3) + Silver Liquid(3)
    Penetrator Crossbow/Time Bolt = Holy Crystal(9) + Ancient Bone(3) + Wyvern Fang(4)
    Grand Bolt = Capricorn Gem(3) + Wrath of the God(2) + Ring Wyrm Liver(2)

    Capella/Silent Bullet = Dark Stone(3) + Fish Scale(2) + Green Liquid(1)
    Aqua Bullet/Vega = Water Stone(5) + Yenza Scale(2) + Green Liquid(3)
    Aldebaran/Mud Shot = Earth Crystal(3) + Silver Liquid(3) + Ichichon Scale(4)
    Windslicer Shot/Spica = Wind Crystal(7) + Ring Wyrm Scale(4) + Silver Liquid(5)
    Arcturus = Salamand Halcyon(1) + Yenza Fin(2) + Wyvern Wing(2)
    Stone Bullet = Libra Gem(3) + Tyrant Bone(2) + Mirror Scale(2)

    Francisca = Wind Magicite(6) + Pointed Horn(2) + Malboro Fruit(4)
    Gold Axe = Mardu Halcyon(1) + Broken Greataxe(2) + Electrum(2)

    Scorpion’s Tail = Scorpio Gem(4) + Wyrm Bone(3) + Charged Gizzard(3)

    Zwill Crossblade = Wind Crystal(9) + Malboro Flower(7) + Windslicer Pinion(5)

    Cloud Staff = Storm Crystal(7) + Demon Feather(6) + Quality Lumber(4)


    ***Handy Bomb***
    Water Bomb = Water Crystal(10) + Book of Orgain(3) + Putrid Liquid(3)
    Fumarole/Poison Bomb = Fire Crystal(3) + Bomb Shell(1)
    Tumulus/Oil Bomb = Fire Crystal(3) + Bomb Ashes(3) + Book of Orgain(2)
    Castellanos = Aries Gem(3) + Frog Oil(2) + Bomb Fragment(3)
    Caldera/Chaos Bomb = Fire Crystal(7) + Book of Orgain-Cent(3) + Bomb Shell(4)

    Chromed Leathers = Earth Stone(1) + Wolf Pelt(2)
    Red Cap/Brigandine = Dark Magicite(3) + Coeurl Pelt(3) + Quality Hide(2)
    Headband/Jujitsu Gi = Ice Magicite(4) + Coeurl Pelt(4) + Tyrant Hide(2)
    Adamant Hat/Adamant Vest = Storm Magicite(5) + Coeurl Pelt(6) + Tanned Tyrant Hide(2)
    Chakra Band/Power Vest = Fire Crystal(3) + Quality Pelt(6) + Tanned Gianskin(4)
    Gigas Hat/Gigas Chestplate = Dark Crystal(7) + Prime Pelt(8) + Prime Tanned Hide(7)
    Crown of Laurels/Rubber Suit = Fire Crystal(8) + Prime Pelt(9) + Forbidden Flesh(7)

    Escutcheon = Fire Stone(1) + Molting(1)
    Leather Plate/Leather Headgear = Dark Stone(2) + Wolf Pelt(2) + Tanned Hide(1)
    Gold Helm/Gold Armor/Gold Shield = Dark Magicite(3) + Tanned Hide(2) + Iron Carapace(3)
    Burgonet/Shield Armor/Ice Shield = Earth Magicite(4) + Quality Hide(2) + Wyrm Carapace(2)
    Demon Shield = Leamonde Halcyon(1) + Destrier Barding(8) + Aged Turtle Shell(2)
    Venetian Shield = Udin Halcyon(1) + Ancient Turtle Shell(2) + Ring Wyrm Liver(2)
    Magepower Shishark = Feystone(1) + Chimera Head(2) + Charger Barding(5)
    Maximillion = Pices Gem(3) + Split Armor(2) + Charger Barding(4)
    Platinum Helm/Platinum Armor/Platinum Shield = Storm Magicite(6) + Insec Husk(2) + Tanned Gianskin(6)

    ***Mage Hats/Robes***
    Feathered Cap/Traveler’s Vestment = Water Stone(5) + Braid Wool(2) + Tanned Hide(2)
    Lamia’s Tiara/Enchanter’s Habit = Ice Magicite(4) + Fine Wool(3) + Tyrant Hide(1)
    Black Cowl/Black Garb = Fire Magicite(5) + Fine Wool(4) + Tanned Tyrant Hide(2)
    Black Mask/Black Robes = Dark Crystal(8) + Blood Wool(9) + Prime Tanned Hide(7)
    White Mask/White Robes = Holy Crystal(8) + Blood Wool(9) + Beastlord Hide(7)


    Potion×2 = Cactus Fruit(2)
    Potion×5/Handkerchief×3/Gold Needle×3 = Succulent Fruit(4)
    Hi Potion×10 = Rainbow Egg(1)
    X-Potion×10 = Behemoth Steak(1)
    Potion×30/Hi Potion×20/X-Potion×10 = Screamroot(3)
    Ether×1 = Unpurified Ether(2) + Calamel(3)
    Hi Ether×1 = Unpurified Ether(2) + Foul Liquid(2) + Slime Oil(1)
    Elixir×1 = High Arcana(1) + Demon Drink(3) + Ambrosia(3)
    Last Elixir×1 = High Arcana(2) + Rat Tail(3) + Onion(3)
    Antidote×3 = Drab Wool(2)
    Eye Drops×3 = Demon Eyeball(3)
    Hi Potion×4/Smelling Salts×2 = Malboro Vine(4)
    Phoenix Down×5/Alarm Clock ×5 = Chocobo Feather(4)
    Antidote×12/Eye Drops×12/Echo Herbs×12 = Malboro Fruit(4)
    Vaccine×8/Smelling Salts×16 = Malboro Flower(3)
    Chronos Tear×10 = Eye of The Hawk(1)
    Vaccine×10 = Demon’s Sigh(1)
    Phoenix Down×2 = Small Feather(3)
    Phoenix Down ×2/Potion×2 = Large Feather(3)
    Phoenix Down ×12/Hi Potion×3 = Giant Feather(3)
    Phoenix Down ×10 = Jack-o’-Lantern(1)
    Phoenix Down ×25 = Bundle of Feathers(3)
    Phoenix Down ×50 = Windslicer Pinion(5)
    Bucchus Vine×3 = Tyrant Hide(2)
    Water Motes×5 = Festering Flesh(4)
    Holy Motes×1 = Diakon Halcyon(1) + Glass Jewel(8) + Sky Jewel(8)
    Scathe Mote×1 = Book of Orgain(8) + Book of Orgain-Cent(8) + Book of Orgain-Mille(8)
    Red Fang×5 = Pointed Horn
    Dark Matter×1 = Grimoire Togail(3) + Grimoire Aidhed(3) + Bat Wing(1)
    Pebble×99 = Quality Stone(5)
    High Arcana = Arcana(10) + Soul of Thamasa(1) + Feystone(1)
    Empyreal Soul×1 = High Arcana(1) + Soul Powder(1) + Wargod’s Band(2)
    Sepentarius×1 = High Arcana(1) + Snake Skin(4) + Serpent Eye(2)
    Gem Steel×1 = Hell-Gate Flame(2) + Scarletite(1) + Damascus Steel(2)

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    awesome post, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamanosukeShiva

    awesome post, lol
    too bad it doesnt say what each list will appear in the bazaar as

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    Feather Boots = Broken Sword(1) + Arctic Wind(1)
    Quasimodo Boots = Zombie Powder(1)
    Gillie Boots = Slaven Harness(2)
    Battle Harness = Troat Wolf Blood(1)
    Golden Amulet = Tattered Garment(1)
    Pheasant Netsuke = Stardust(2)
    Blazer Glove = Bent Staff(3)
    Firefly = Snowfly(1) + Tomato Stalk(2) + Magick Lamp(1)
    Amber Armlet = Gimble Stalk(2)
    Turtleshell Choker = Four-Leaf Clover(2) + Bomb Shell(2)
    Opal Ring = Frogspawn(2)
    Bubble Belt = BattleWyrm Carapace(2) + Adamantite(1)
    Hermes Sandals = Arcana(15) + Gysahl Greens(33)
    Nihopalaoa = Leo Gem(3) + Blood-Stained Necklace(3) + Death’s-Head(2)
    Cat-ear Hood = Virgo Gem(7) + Einherjarium(2) + White Incense(2)

    You missed this part Sonamaa

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    OMG BIG WIN >.<;;;;

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    so you sell the items listed after the item to get the bazaar guy to sell that item to you?

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    and I love seeing ffxi forum drama accounts here lol >_> the names are so out of place

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    Yea, for example after you've sold a grand total of Hell-Gate Flame(2) + Scarletite(1) + Damascus Steel(2) to any combination of vendors, all vendors will then offer you a Gem Steel from the Bazaar. However, it won't appear on the Bazaar list as a "Gem Steel", it will have a different name, and you won't know it's a Gem Steel until you buy it. That's the only thing missing from the list, is the names as they appear before you buy them.

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    I'm level 34 and at Hennes Mines, am I able to acquire the items listed for Deathbringer?

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