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    Looking for a tread, cant find on search :[

    I am looking for the thread were people figured out how to get 5-6 songs. I did it today but honostly I dont know how I managed it and tryed to duplicate it but to no avail. if anyone can tell me how or give me the thread it would be great :] thanks.

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    If I remember correctly, it works like this.

    2 bards, one doing say minuet x2, the other doing say march x2

    bard 1 plays both songs

    bard 2 plays his 2 songs after

    bard 1 plays one of the songs that bard 2 played

    bard 1's first 2 songs don't disappear, and bard 2 can now cast an extra song

    I think... lol

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    Sssshhhhh! :wink:

    Really this bug isn't all that practical. You'd need 2 BRDs to do it effectively, and with 2 BRDs you already got 4 songs, which should be plenty. The time and coordination it would take to squeeze out an extra Minuet2, or March1 isn't worth it at all IMO.

    Maybe in a HNM Situation for a tank PT, being able to do Carol + 2x March + 2x Ballad + 2x Minne/Mambo would be useful... but I don't think we've ever had enough BRDs to put 2 of them into a tank PT.

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of that...

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