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    Problems with router/network/shared and etc

    Alright, I use a router to connect a few of my computers, a few months ago I was able to share folders and play LAN fine, now until I got the latest McAfee update I'm pretty sure it fucked the whole thing up, i'm not sure if this is the cause or not.

    But as of now, I cant share folders or play any LAN game's and it's starting to get very annoying. I've searched and searched countlessly and have not been able to find anything. If anyone has any idea I'd appreciate the help, thanks!

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    Kinda odd with not being able to share.

    Disbale/Uninstall McAfee just to see if it still works or not.

    If it does work, and then you install it again and it stops working again, Im not sure what McAfee settings there are. It may be blocking ports, you can open them via McAfee I suppose or forward them in the router its self.

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    Uninstalled it, still dosent work, I guess it wasent McAfee :3

    On another note, sometime's before it would work for a day or two, then just stop.

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