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    Does anyone beside me think this is one of the most musically genius CDs of the genre in years?

    Incorporating electronica beats with old fashioned grind is one thing, but to extend it to reggae-ish / hip hop beats + instrumentals + expand the vocal talents all throughout the CD.

    Just a masterpiece in my opinion, but as a musician I overanalyze the fuck out of music

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    If you dont know who they are there is a good chance you wont like / appreciate it, but if you're a fan of the band / genre this is just epic.

    and I know this thread is really random, but I'm REALLY happy with this CD XD

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    O hay Sath

    They sound ok i supose, not really my thing, their metalcore right? Annyway since this is a music topic and like all opinions on the internet... well get ready for a MY MUSIC IS BETTAR THAN YOURS LOL K fight.

    PS: i could have sworn they where emo cause of the long band name lol

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