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    About an hour ago I got booted off of PoL (Playstation), didn't think much of it because there's a maintinence anyway. However, when I try to get back on I get 1160 Network is busy or connection problems, please verify that cables blah blah blah. I turn off wireless and use the line for my laptop from same router, works fine. I switch cables, lappy works, 1160 on PS2 still. I check the router, it says whichever cable (I tried both) I have in PS2 isn't connected. Is this a software thing from maint? Do I need a new ps2/network adaptor (the thing on the back)? Is there any way I can repair PS2/network adaptor? plz halp :< first person to say lolps2 is a big fat jerk.
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    First, you should get a new hard drive.

    Second, get a new PS2 to fix the problem.

    Third, you should check the playonline site to see if there is POL maintenence.
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