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    Shanarha Grass Conservation

    My static and I farmed this zone for 40k worth of Assault Points. We noticed that the Coneys exhibit 2 types of behavior.

    1. The Coneys are all lined up when you start the Assault. They will split off and begin to head either north or south to eat vegetation. While you are fighting them, they can suddenly run off and deaggro. They tend to cover large distances everytime they start to move, making it easy for huge groups to link.

    2. The Coneys sort of just wander around in the middle area with no set formation once you start the Assault. They will not leave the middle area to go look for Vegetation, even if left alone. They will not run away while you are fighting them. The aggro range for linking seems to be a lot less than with behavior 1.

    Obviously, if the rabbits are in behavior 2 when the Assault starts, it will be much easier. My question is: Is there any way to tell how the Coneys will act before actually entering the assault, or is their behavior just randomly generated once the Assault is started?

    We had many different theories as to what causes the Coneys to be less aggressive, mainly having to do with time of day, moon phase, etc, but have yet to find any correlation. We thought that the rabbits would be more aggressive during the day and lethargic at night, but that wasn't the case.

    We hit an unlucky streak where we got several coneys in a row that were doing the first behavior, so we thought that the second behavior was just a bug and S-E got around to fixing it. So, we did 20k worth of points at Mamool Ja Training Grounds since ppl needed r/e from there, and we were just farming Leujaoam for Potent Belts. When we went back to Leojaoam, we got 2 of the lethargic bunnies in a row, so it renewed our interest in trying to figure out if there was a way to get the Assault to be in easy mode every time.

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    I would put my bet on "glitch". No clue how to activate it tho >_>

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    My static as noticed similar behavoir but honestly it has never mattered for us we always clear in about 13 min w/ mnk rdm brd even when we end up sleeping 7+ coneys @ a time.

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    We farmed over 20k worth of points from this pretty regularly with groups of 4, and never found any specific correlation either. Sometimes, it'd be the easiest Assault ever, other times you would have 10-12 coneys on you immediately from the time you take out your sword to whack something.

    What we did was to never have less than two people with Sleepga (we had a BLM/RDM and a RDM/BLM), and have them alternate casting it upon awakening, making sure they both have Phalanx, Stoneskin, Reraise & Ice Spikes up at all times. If we got too many coneys at once, we would run a little ways away to resume the fight immediately after a Sleepga. While some coneys would usually come with us, we would usually leave some of them behind as they would deaggro upon awakening, which was odd but helpful.

    The advantage to them being aggressive all at once is that they aren't spreading out, eating the grass, so we noticed that when they attacked all at once we would usually get more Assault points. It was just a matter of surviving that initial wave of Coneys.

    We never lost this Assault, but came close a couple of times with a well-merited group of 4.

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