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    Share your short wtf-conversations :D

    anyone else got funny /t's like this to share? I'd like to see a "BG's Funniest Home ScreenShots" thread start up.

    I think i got this /t just because i am a thief.

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    Red X of doom

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    I'm a dumb ps2-limited noob, so you have to take my word for it :< my only GM call ever was to get an lsmate unstuck from exiting Sacrificial Chamber BC, GM was very nice and fast about gettin it done. Afterwards he asked me if I needed anything else so I told him on a whim to ban Elitepetal and anyone in the linkshell he was wearing (EP is the 'leader' of the biggest RMT group on midgard and the reason I will never own haidate). GM>>>Hmmm, PLD75/WAR35 gimp subjob. I'll see what I can do >:).

    Noone in ls would beleive me though ;_;.

    and we still cant get ulli stones

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    Not to detract from how great this thread is/could be, but it should be in the Screenshots, Images and Videos forum. >.>;
    I'd post some SSs from my LS, but most of it is NSFW. :x

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    Yeah my job hates screenshots of text too, those damn nazis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaia, from my LS
    This is the story about how a n00b made my day better. I OP'd to the jungle from Sandy to get to Norg for part of my Blade: Ku quest... I'm walking past the level 30ish camp near the SSG entrance, and I see a party that completely wiped. I felt kinda bad for them, because I know Sahagin can be pretty mean sometimes... I stopped on top of them for a second, and one of them sends me a tell:

    Him: raise me.

    Me: I'm a Ninja...

    Him: raise me, hurry up.

    Me: I'm a NINJA. Nin can't raise. [I'm sorry.]

    Him: stop being a f***ing b*tch and raise me for f*** sake!

    Me: .... [Do you speak any English?] NIN can NOT RAISE.

    Him: god f***ing d*mnit you elitish f***s piss me off. all i want is a f***ing raise, itll take like 30 seconds.

    Me: NINJA
    Me: CANNOT
    Me: CAST
    Me: RAISE

    Him: then go find someone to raise me. hurry up too, i only have 15 mins till it HPs me

    Me: No... if you were a nicer person I'd help you out. [Take care.] [Black List]
    (I didn't actually blist him... just wanted him to stop talking to me.

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    Saint Daahan Von Quitter the 1st
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    LMFAO I don't even remember that.

    I miss Enitsu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daahan
    I miss Enitsu
    qft ; ;

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    Someone made a compilation of key moments from our last Dynamis-Windy run...

    It's gotten way worse, but that's a taste, lol.

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    Trying to decide if we wanted to pull the yag high priest to get to the door for windy rank mission (note this was mostly a pickup group) :

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    Was on Narotu PL'ing myself (Blackhatchy) and Jaktripper. Then some RMT saw how pwn our exp was, so they asked to join;

    All I have to say is: GOLGOT SLAP

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    Lewis you so jacked up Ryko's old school avatar, have fun having your bike stolen.

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