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    I'm not sure how many of you will actually go out and see it, as the events that it is about are far before most of our times. I was dragged into seeing it by my brother and I liked it alot. The movie doesn't really centre directly on RFK but instead takes a "crash" approach to it, showing the lives of several individuals who end up becoming connected because of the RFK shooting. But the reason why I liked this film so much was because of the way it showed the issues of 1968 compared to today. It showed the war in Vietnam and how the people were struggling against it, along with the racial tensions that were left from the loss of Martin Luther King.
    But one of the best parts of the movie was a speach given at the end, it talked about the situation in 1968 and it really hit home concerning the problems of America today. The speach was talking about fixing the problems at home before dealing with the problems abroad, among other things.

    What is everyone elses thoughts about the movie?

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    needs more Cosmo Kramer


    He'll cut those racial tensions with a knife

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