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    Dialup ISP HALP

    (Note: Im not on dialup, you'll understand if you stop reading the worthless part of my post and move down to what i actually need which is about to happen right now)

    Basically what i need is a free to try or w/e dialup provider that can be downloaded quick and isnt gonna require me to sign some bullshit contract, cause i cant do any subscriptions with my bank account (hi2u account boots ) that last more then 1-2 months, and im still not sure how it works =/

    That or if someone has an isp id/pw i could leech that'd be rad, i wouldnt mess with all your pr0nomails or anything like that, but if anyone does that PM it of course <_< Though id really prefer an easy trial subscription thingy

    And no, im not fucking going to walmart for a trial internet disc, its the Christmas Shopping season

    (Edit: I tried google, and all the shitters are contracted subscriptions and stuff)

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    Click "Try us free for 30 days".... I didn't go all the way through the reg process but it seems completely free.... and says no credit card required. They're a national brand, I've seen them on TV

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    tried it, need to input your account information and everything and i think youve gotta subscribe after the trial =/

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