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    Yagyuu Darkblade/Bombshell

    After spending way too much time walking back and forth between zones I found a way that might be useful to those who are looking to obtain the Yagyuu Darkblade as quick as possible. There might be a better way but this was as least painful for me and upon re-entering the zone the Bombshell rare monster was up more times than not.

    The general idea is to chain the Bombshell and to get him to repop as fast as possible. Here's what I did:

    Once you're in Lhusu Mines and in the Lasche Span the fastest way to get him to pop is to take the south zone and take the cart to Site 11, immediately re-enter the cart and take it back to Site 5. Zone into Lasche span and there's a good chance he'll be up (even after killing him and taking the cart rides). If he's not you can either zone back and forth a few times then walk the span or zone by crossing the span each time. Doing this, the most times I had to zone the span was 3 times.

    My party makeup was a tank,dd, and support/mage. Setting up the party the following way allowed me to just enter and engage without much effort:

    Tank: Ensanquined shield, Attack
    DD: Fastest weapon avaiable, cat ear hood/genji gloves
    Mage: Gambits - Decoy tank, berserk/haste/bravery DD, dispel foe status protect, cure.

    This should allow the DD to make quick work of the bomb while the tank blocks most (if not all) of the bomb's attack with the ensanguined shield.

    After the fight, remove the shield, dispel the DD's berserk (so he doesn't automatically kill the bats when trying to enter the carts) and take the cart rides back and forth as mentioned above. It will still take plenty of kills before the bomb drops the katana but this was the least painful way for me to do it.

    Hope it helps!

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    A. Body
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    chained like 20 of it just now and no drop....

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    Hopefully you don't have to post party setups for defeating the Monster for crying out loud.

    If you're having problems killing him you don't deserve the Blade lol.

    I took down fafnir in about 5 minutes with Vaan using Darkblade/Cat-Ear
    and Ashe with masamune and genji.

    No deaths!

    Darkblade is only any real good when combined with the cat-ear hood.

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    GRT, took me chain 26, which was 3rd level chain, to finally get the darkblade.

    mysterio, the point of the party setup was not to be able to kill it, it's the setup which proved the fastest for me.

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    Darkblade is also some good against Yiazmat, who for some random reason appears to be weak to Dark. It does crazy damage, compared to what you'd expect and what Masamune does (I had a lot of time to test <_<)

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    Sea Torques
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    thanks for the tip.. i jus did this today

    held down on the controller till i zoned about 5 times.. then went in to kill him, he was up every time...1/4 on it ;D

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    Salvage Bans
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    Yeah your 'stragety' worked real well to make him spawn. Even though it still took me about 5 hours >.> to get one to drop.

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    that "strategy" has been in a gamefaqs guide for weeks now..

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    Actually that guide didn't mention using the carts, it just said to run past the ironites and zone back to site 5 to reset it. I'm not sure if the carts would be faster, because they seem to take 30 seconds to load the zone each time, but it might help a bit. And that would make it harder to get randomly instakilled by crushing fangs.

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    Using the carts was a sure-fire way to reset the mob instead of walking back and forth between the zones, as stated in the first sentence of my original post.

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