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    Clarification on attack bonuses granted by various things

    On gear, attack bonuses are specific, attack pertains to whats in main/sub, and ranged attack applies to whats in ranged/ammo slot. But other things which effect attack and only use the word attack as in the same word used to effect attack in main/sub only, seem to effect both attack and ranged. So for Foods and BRD/COR songs/rolls, why is it vague yet applicable to both, but gear is yet more specific. Also anything I left out, I just want some clarification; i.e.: attack food raises attack by lets say 75, will raise melee and ranged attack both.

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    ATT and RATT are totally seperate for food.

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    Hmm maybe they're not seperate, all the RATT foods give the exact same ATT bonus.

    Just ignore moi.

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    They're seperate, but usually give the same exact bonus for food. Not to say all food gives both attack and r.att though, but when they do its usually the same exact bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuemue
    Hmm maybe they're not seperate, all the RATT foods give the exact same ATT bonus.

    Just ignore moi.
    Effects for Flounder Meuniere:

    * Dexterity +6
    * Mind -1
    * Ranged Attack +14% (Cap: [email protected] Base Ranged Attack)
    * Ranged Accuracy +15
    * Enmity -3

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    Dammit Shuemue! That's a 50 DKP deduction.

    Yea what Lockecole said. Most foods add the same RATT as ATT. Some foods don't add RATT (mithkabobs were changed not to add RATT at one point...then I laughed at all the brainless bandwagon clonethra rangers who still ate them...) but that's the exception rather than the rule.

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    Typical, I thought I knew something, covered my back so I wouldn't look stupid if I was wrong, ended up looking stupid anyway.

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    BRD songs/COR rolls and other abilities such as berserk and warcry state in the defenition of their ability that it "increases attacks", meaning all physical attacks both ranged and meele. Gear specifies Attack or Ranged attack so it applies to one or the other.

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