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    bottclaiming hacking people vs legit players

    I just read the post of the guy who says he quits and says he is a hacker and he has friends / LS whatever who've hacked too, etc. My perspective is this:

    Is it more or less likely that a few things in his post are accurate, like him being kicked from his LS and feeling bad or hurt about it, and his post is based on this? One person who feels they've been mistreated, or actually betrayed, by his friends and LS, might make a public announcement that they are hackers / losers like this guy did, right? Whether this is true or not is not the issue. Only those people mentioned in the drama know for sure what is true or not, and they will never say what the real truth is in public if it's bad for them.

    Just like hackers lie about it in public, never admitting to it, they might lie in public about innocent people hacking, or try to smear their LS because of feeling betrayed or hurt.

    This is not the point though. The big picture is that there are people who play ffxi every day with family members and are totally good-natured, who have loved ff games since ff3 like I have since I was a teenager in junior high, and have continued on with my closest family members. These are the legit, paying customers who pay SE, I am one. I never bought gil, hacked, cheated, any shit like that and I never will. I have probably one of the most pimped out and lucky characters on my server, all gotten totally 100% legit and through suffering and perseverance over years and months of committment and hardship with a core group of excellent players and people who are all pimped out, some to the degree that I am but the ones who are not are still very respected on my server. This truth is the reason why I know hackers can not beat the legit population of FFXI, because SE is doing their best.

    No matter what hacks are made, eventually they will be discovered and immediately remedied, and punishments will then be handed out. This has happened since the very beginning, and I'm sure that experienced hackers can not deny this. SE is making a fortune on ffxi, and they god damn better, because I have had a wonderful experience in it and learned many real-life lessons from it like discipline and dedication, and probably above all patience-- so ...

    Do you guys think they will do anything that will disappoint their customers who stick it through paying 15$/month? That is where the real money is, everyone. Not from the rmt going on. Every single rmt account is paying SE every month anyway. Stories of gil/accounts being rmt'ed for thousands of dollars, even the most extreme stories, are pitiful small drops in SE's bucket. SE fat cats are retiring their great grand children with the money they take in from monthly fees.

    Customers pay every month, so fixes like the special task force will happen, and massive banning / accounts being deleted.

    What happened when the hackers figured out how to dupe stolen coins in movopolos? What happened when shits could dupe gil in dbox, or fish up furniture, or fish bot? What about movement speed hack, or claim botting shit?

    All of these have been answered by SE in one way or another. Does it still go on regularly? yes, but to what extent? it is a pathetically minor percent of the hacking/cheating population that even dare to try these cheats any more, because they are getting banned like crazy at random. Check out, read the forum thread about people getting banned. They're all complaining and panicing about how long LM-17 lasts or how they hacked 6 months ago and not 1 time since and are not perma-banned. They're shit-talking about how they used windower 1 time and are gone and gilsellers are still there since Day 1. SE will ban you if you even hint at being a hacker, you don't even have to be a real one. HURRAY for legit people like me.

    SE is taking the 100% best approach to this--making it as difficult and risky and troublesome as possible for people to beat the patches and come up with new hacks shit to use that it's just not worth it for them.

    Is this all bullshit? If it is, then answer why there are not hundreds of d.rings running around servers, or in fact hundreds of excaliburs that have been duped or body abjurations all over the place.

    For a second, forget about how they can instantly bring up stats of every single item and keep tabs on it, the #'s of rare/coveted items per server, through programming tools and just searching server data. Just take the logs, whenever an item is brought into the server through code, and it says "...obtains an Earthen Abjuration: Body" or something, or even every time someone gets a bag of tree cuttings drop from some goobue. All they have to do is search the logs for the word "Excalibur", "Defending Ring", "Ridill" to see where one was used or what it was used for, they can calculate without any error how many kraken clubs, Ninurta's sashes, Eurytos' bow or anything there were that entered the server, and also they can see instantly any aquisitions or transactions between players of gil of any value they want to. Every time someone gets/loses any gil/item or their char is changed somehow, it's logged. If people suddenly accumulate gil out of nowhere, SE knows. Creating gil through npc'ing shit didn't last, did it?

    Any kind of extreme advantage that hacking, cheating, rmt or anything gives is immediately susceptible to being monitored or questioned, because it's in the logs. People who speed through zones might be the most difficult thing to track, but players can listen to what the dev. team said and make it common knowledge who hacks or rmts to try and tip off the task force on speed shit. Speed hacks have gotten people banned, along with job changes and other shit.

    If there are scumbags getting away with it, they are the extreme minority, because SE is a corporate entity with paid professionals working around the clock to figure this miserable shit out. All the hackers are talented immoral sob's figuring ingenius, evil shit out in their spare time without a dime to show for it. And if they do get a good hack going, what happens? They have to use it sparingly or hide it for fear of having account banned, but worse yet, the hard work of figuring it out all gone when we see those emergency maintenance and they close servers for a day to patch the shit. Whoever tried to exploit that hack is gone, lost an account for all their trouble.

    The bottom line- hackers can't possibly compete with a corporation of legit professionals. The best they can do is figure out shit for temporary thrills and a feeling of cheating the system, without ever being able to exploit it.

    Again - is that bullshit? No. I will tell you what I think about voke-botting:

    I will go out on a limb but I think I have more experience at HNM camps than 98-99% of the people on these forums, and since SE's major patch that fixed pulling HNMs and other NMs, the one consistent truth is that when people all go to camps every day and check log to see who won pull, it varies. Occasionally the same person will win pull 2 days in a row, but that is imo because the same certain people give it 100% effort every pop time and try to pull for their LS. Usually, it's different LS's, groups that win pull, different people. The LS's that go every day and make the attempt every day are the ones who have multiple pimped out members because they are there more often.

    I think voke-botting is N/A at HNM camps, because I think SE made 3 kings a special way -- I think they made 1 quick second where the server recognizes people all trying to claim when HNM pops, and instead of trying to calculate who claimed first, it groups everyone who claimed together and then randomly gives it to 1 puller. Whoever pulled a few microseconds first and got the message through to the server doesn't even matter. It is randomly given to 1 of the people in the group of everyone who claimed within a certain second of it having popped. Which means whoever shows up day after day will eventually win pull. Or random people who just show up still have a chance to win pull.

    Experienced people are welcome to give opinions about this, but omit such bullshit as emotional rants about this LS always wins or this person always wins or shit shit talk like that.
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    Holy cliffnotes, batman.
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    There's already another thread for this.
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    In Summary, You think that SE is a pure virgin in white robes who will cleanse the servers.

    GL with that.
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    reply to threads, do not make new topics
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